Activities of Daily Living

At Housing Independence, we provide ongoing supports to individuals with diverse skillsets, from individuals living with family wanting to access their community to individuals living independently in their own apartment. We support individuals with activities of daily living in order to help them maintain and increase their independence. Each individual has a different set of support needs to maintain independent living . Those supports may include communication, accessing community resources, navigating complex systems such as social security, grocery shopping, personal hygiene and housekeeping. ADL supports tie in as a natural follow up to housing services, in helping people understand expectations around housing, communicate with landlords and maintain their housing once it has been found.

Life Skills Training

Housing Independence supports individuals in learning skills of independent living through one on one skills training. Skills trainers evaluate current independent living skills and work with clients and their support systems to set goals related to skills acquisition. We recognize that every individual learns differently and work with clients to determine the best way to support them in learning new skills. We have a diverse staff and work with individuals to find a provider who is a good fit.

In the past, skills trainers have worked with clients to learn cooking and nutrition skills, public transportation navigation, day planning, emergency preparedness, housekeeping skills and budgeting and other skills as identified.