Housing Services

Housing Independence supports individuals living with family or friends who want to move into their own or shared apartments. Housing Independence supports individuals who are looking for another housing option or who would like to move from where they are currently living to a more affordable unit.

Housing Independence understands you may not be ready to move out from your current housing situation. Even if you do not want to move out or are not ready to move out soon, you may change your mind in a few years. Apartments can take anywhere from 2-7 years for a unit to become available, so being on waitlist before you are ready to move out is something to consider. Your housing specialist will support you with getting on multiple waitlists in the county you would like to live in. Once you are on waitlist, your housing specialist will support you with contacting the landlords to update your information and support you with checking the status of where you are on the waitlist. Individuals can also work with Housing Independence on life skills and housing readiness training. .

Homeless Services

Housing Independence partners with Washington County Housing Authority Homeless Services, Housing Social Service Network, Continuum of Care, and with Community Connect; with the support of our partners, Housing Independence is kept up to date with the current housing market and any new or upcoming apartments. We also receive notices of upcoming or current vacancies through Home Forward.

For our homeless clients that qualify under the HUD definition of homelessness, you may qualify for other housing options. Your housing specialist will discuss all your housing options with you.

Housing Barriers

Your housing specialist will work with you to address any barriers that are keeping you from living independently in your own apartment. Some of the barriers we will support you to address can be, but are not limited to: mental health, domestic violence, drug and alcohol, financial barriers, communication with child welfare, communication with lawyers, bad rental history, and criminal history. Your housing specialist will connect you to resources, such as Rent Well, Community Action, and parenting classes.


Locating and securing housing is a challenge in the current housing market. Depending on your current housing situation, your housing specialist can connect you with local shelters or connect you with resources to locate tents and/or sleeping bags. Your housing specialist will support you with locating safe places to take showers, getting hygiene items, and acquiring food boxes.


Once you are in housing, Housing Independence will connect you with ADL supports. Your ADL provider will continue to support your independence in housing, but support you with other goals you wish to work on, to continue to be successful and independent with not only housing, but in other areas in your life as well.

Currently we offer housing services in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties.