Our Mission

Housing Independence was founded in 2009 to provide opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to learn the life skills and receive supports in maximizing their independence. Since 2009 Housing Independence has supported over 100 individuals in reaching their goal of becoming more independent. We have supported over 40 individuals in locating and retaining community based housing options and worked to increase independence for those living at home but wanting increased skills.

As children all of us had dreams of growing up, becoming doctors, nurses, astronauts, artists, fire man or police men. We could hardly wait for our first day of high school, our first kiss, our first car, our first prom, our first job and yes, our first apartment.

Many of you might remember as I do, finding that first apartment. It might have been small, but it was yours. That sofa and kitchen table may have been hand me downs from your parents and those lamps and dishes may have been things you picked up over time at garage sales or Goodwill, but now they were yours. And that first dinner party when you had your friends or family over for dinner at your apartment, using your dishes and dining at your kitchen table, that incredible sense of pride and achievement. Many young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the same dreams, the same desire to live independently. They feel that same sense of pride when they are able to achieve their dreams to be a part of the community, to have the skills and supports to live independently in their own apartment. Their parents and family are proud and happy in knowing that their child will be able to take care of themselves when they are no longer able to provide for them.

To support the goal of independence, in 2015, Housing Independence branched out to offer employment services. We provide of employment supports, from job development and placement, to job coaching. For more information, contact Jessie Robert.

Board of Directors

Karen Voiss

Executive Director

Zachary Howell

Board President

Dan Freedman

Board Vice President

Doug Waugh

Board Secretary/Treasurer